Trying to update more?


Long time no see LiveJournal!

I doubt anyone really uses this anymore but I think I might try to, for the sake of keeping myself motivated to do things XD
I'm trying to start being active on here, deviantArt, IGN blogs and a few other places.

After too long spent being inactive and doing nothing with my hobbies I've decided now is the time to get back into it!

I'm trying to get back into:
-art and drawing
-video games
-and sewing

I'll probably try to update this site with progress on the above mentioned things and I'll try to update what I'm doing as well maybe :) We'll see.

I'm not EXACTLY sure what I'm going to use this site for but I promise my next update will be more cohesive and organized :P
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1st Actual Journal?

Soooo I might start updating this every once in a while. >_> I thought about making a blog but this just seems easier.

Anyways, I've been terribly busy lately. School this term as been murder, but luckily I've got my last day of classes tomorrow then finals next week. Then maybe I can have a social life and hobbies again! >_>

Also, I need to start seriously working on stuff for Sakuracon. I've got 1 costume to make, 1 to remake and 1 to do finishing touches on.
In addition to that I decided to volunteer for the lolita fashion show and will be supplying my own outfits, so I need to go accessory shopping to make sure they're good outfits!
I'm going to be busy over spring break ^_^;;;

Time magazine just did a thing on cosplay. Silly old people trying to understand cosplay. I thought it was amusing.,29307,1969839,00.html

Well, that's all I've got for now. We'll see if I actually stick with this or if I forget about it in a week. XD

Oh, P.S. in my other journal that's been up forever I've got links to my accounts on other websites, go add me :3
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Blah blah blah

My name is Jenna and this is my livejournal.

I'm here for fashion communities. I don't think I'll do much with the journal aspect of the site because, honestly, my life isn't really that interesting.


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